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Reflecting on Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe ruled France from 1830 to 1848. Furniture created during his reign coincided with the industrial revolution. Industrialization brought affordable alternatives to the expensive, handcrafted offerings of years past. Simplified designs were easier to create with automation. Even so, the quality remained high.

One of my favorite pieces from this time is the Louis Philippe mirror. Most are square or rectangular with rounded corners and minimal ornamentation. Many have silver or gold leaf.

(Picture: Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects)

The understated elegance of these mirrors complement many styles from traditional to contemporary. Versatility, enduring style and relative affordability make the Louis Philippe mirror a great first investment piece.

How do you incorporate these timeless mirrors into your home design? Mirrors visually expand the space. They can be a statement piece, reflect attractive views or create ambiance. A few placement ideas:

Over a mantle, chest, console, or bed

As a bathroom vanity mirror

Over-sized mirrors can simply be leaned against a wall

Dining rooms and foyers are traditional favorite spaces for mirrors, but don't be afraid to think outside the box!

(Picture: Isler Homes: Dallas)

For over 200 years, Louis Philippe mirrors have maintained popularity among designers, clients and collectors. Looking for one of these lovely accents for your home? Contact me.

(Picture: Maison, Maison)

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